Theme: Celebrating the transport staff of Kochi

Of the hundreds of buses and auto-rickshaws, tens of boats and ferries, and metro rail crisscrossing the city, the transport staff forms the supporting system. In the month of February, Kochi Public Transport Day will honour the transport staff of the city, both private and public, who play a key role in providing public transport to the public.

Time Programme
10.30 AM Inauguration of free health check-up for transport staff
10.15 AM – 12.15 PM Thank you bulletin board & transport survey by KPTD Volunteers
3.30 PM Health check-up ends
5.15 PM
5.20 PM
Guests arrive at Vytilla Mobility Hub to take part in KMRL event
Guests write on the Bulletin Board
5.25 PM KMRL 'Shreshtasanchari Puraskaram' event


Free health check-up

Free Health check-up for private bus staff, KSRTC staff, auto-rickshaw drivers, etc.

Thank you bulletin board

Public to post sticky notes with their thank you messages | Selfies with the bulletin board on social media


Shreshtasanchari Puraskaram

Recognising metro passengers of highest patronage

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